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of took place in libya than president obama. he knew ambassador and stevens and respected and admired him. this is an instance where the president has been thoughtful. every statement he and secretary rice made were statements that came from information from the intelligence community. the investigation will go on. the president will gather the truth. tamron, if we look at this president's record versus the rhetoric on the other side, we can see under president obama we're more secure than we've ever been. he's done all he can to bring terrorists to justice, and you can expect whoever did harm to ambassador stevens and these other fine patriots will be brought to justice by president obama. >> patrick, we've seen so many things over this election season, many inappropriate things to say, sxadly we have to report on another comment made on the campaign trail. this one, jason thompson, the son of tommy thompson. he was at an event in wisconsin, an rnc event in that state. let me play what he had to say regarding the president and where he was born. let me play this. >> we have the opportuni
. if it's an even steven contest, you know it that something really did change. president obama still has a three to five-point lead in ohio. you know there was a temporary blip but not a huge change in the fundamentals. >> what you write or your team writes, you say possibly the race has not changed but simply tightened and is back to where everyone thought it had be six months ago. >> that's right. tamron, the biggest thing -- we can talk about poll numbers going up and down. psychologically the debate gave team romney aa big boost right before the debate. on october 2nd the day before everyone was writing do you write off ohio? do republicans start to move their money to senate and house contests? that very good debate performance by romney changed that conversation at the very least where we're not talking about this being a run-away race for obama, this being actually a very, very close race again. >> mark murray, thank you very much. greatly appreciate it. coming up, love, marriage and fists flying. we'll get the latest on this unbelievable wedding brawl that broke out in the city o
. >>> and director steven spielberg is talking about the challenges of bringing abraham lincoln to the big screen. spielberg says he is deliberately waiting until after the election to release the movie. >>> republican nominee of washington state governor rob mckenna is getting some flack after he and his wife jumped head worth in to a dance-off. check it out. ♪ why is he getting flack? look at him. oh. all right. after that, his wife tweeted, quote, 12-year-old offered me $10 never to do this again. he's so fun. that was one of the things we thought you should know. what 12-year-old wants to see their parents do that dance? [ female announcer ] food, meet flavor. flavor, meet food. it's time for swanson flavor boost. concentrated broth in easy to use packets. mix it into skillet dishes, for an instant dose of... hell-o! [ female announcer ] get recipes at flavorboost.com. >>> affirmative action took center stage at the supreme court. it is the first time the issue argued before the court since 2003. the national action network rallied outside the court this morning voicing support for affirmat
and the u.s. government and it's going to be looked at and certainly chris stevens who is out there also was reading the assessments and understanding the threats he knew that this was a difficult environment to operate in as well. it's a horrible tragedy that took place and something that we hope and pray will never happen again but to make political hay and gain out of it, it really doesn't help support the efforts of our people. >> quickly i have to ask you, were you disappointed in the handling of -- ambassador rice came out with the information she had available at the time, congressman king of new york wanting her to resign, paul ryan said in a new interview he would not go that far. again, a lot of moving parts. were you disappointed in how this at least was handled if there is, in fact, now an opening for political gain or genuine questions here? >> well, i think that the attempt to make political gain out of this came forward before any facts were known. it's clear this is a strategy that's being pur sisued by the romney team and unfortunately they're continuing to look for more
's funny about this is conservatives around the country couldn't stand stewart stevens and they couldn't stand eric in the romney campaign. conservatives around the country were begging want romney campaign to do exactly what politico says ann romney said he suggested to do. act like a human being and stop being the republican reincarnation of john kerry. act like you had to be president and show the leadership when you he be made bain capital into a global success story. do that as president of united states. conservatives want what ann romney is suggesting. we should not mistake a change in temperament or a change in persona to be a change in principles. i will say this. one thing i can tell you about mn mitt romney and that's why we keep on the right we keep the gun loaded is we know this about mitt romney. a change in principle is always possible. i will agree with that. >> that's why jon huntsman called him a perfectly lubricated weather vane. ultimately the conservatives will not like that if he gets elected. >> expose that. obama had a chance to expose that on a national stage a
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)